Corns Callus: Thickened and Hard Skin Treatments
Our Podiatrist's foot experts can help with the removal of thickened skin as well padding the area to help ensure comfort.
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Corns / Callus

Our Podiatrist can work out why the corn or callus has developed.


Corns / Callus

What is it?

Callus and corns are thickened, hard areas on skin. They develop from increased pressure on the skin. Callus tends to be spread over a larger area on the feet and might cause dull, aching discomfort. Corns are often small sites of hard skin that might cause sharp pain in a small area.

Some things that may lead to corns or callus are:

  • Wearing shoes that don’t fit properly
  • Abnormal ways of walking
  • Foot deformities

How can Our Podiatrist help?

Our Podiatrist can work out why the corn or callus has developed in the first place.

Treatment can include:

  • Removing the thickened skin
  • Padding to protect the area
  • Orthotics in some cases
  • Footwear changes